Our Policies

The aim of our policies is to give our young members, staff, parents and guardians very clear and transparent information about working for and studying at AL IMAN INSTITUTE.  This will help to clarify our ethos and standards of behaviour expected by all staff and young members.  The policies we have in place make sure we can give you the most memorable and pleasant service during your time with us.

At our institute, our staff and members respect each other and also other people’s property.  There is no tolerance for anti-social behaviour, bullying, stealing or abuse of any kind.   We must always remember that first and foremost we are Muslims and we must maintain the standard set by our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him.

Upon a successful job application and registering a young member with AL IMAN INSTITUTE you will receive a Staff / Student Handbook.  These handbooks will provide you with detailed and useful references to school rules, policies and codes of conduct.  Please see the list on the right, of 35 policies in alphabetical order, that AL IMAN INSTITUTE currently operates by.

There may be changes to some policies from time to time, which you will be informed of as they take place.  The most recent versions of the Staff / Student Handbook or replacement copies can be obtained from the Institute at any time.

Please feel free to contact us, for further information on our policies and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

Thank you and Jazakallah khair for your understanding and cooperation.