About us

We are a Professionally Managed (Saturday only) Islamic supplementary education institute based in Langley, Slough.  We offer ongoing courses and programs of study in Arabic with Tajweed (correct pronunciation), Islamic Studies (Worship, Manners, Faith and History of Islam).  We begin teaching the Islamic faith to young Muslims aged 4 and above in order to prepare them for a life of purity and sincerity by building strong characteristics and morals based on Islamic ethics.  This is to expose young minds to an education system that primarily teaches values such as tolerance, kindness, care, forgiveness, respect and truthfulness.  This program of learning will develop a sense of spirituality and build a positive relationship with Allah subhanah wa ta’ala (God) which results in a young person striving to do good deeds for society and the environment in which they live and play.

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May Allah subhanah wa ta’ala help us all to promote the beauty of our faith of Islam in all its glory. Ameen.

Who We Are

We are a group of young professionals, who have taken time out of their busy lives, to help make this project a reality.  We are accountants, bankers, educationists, world class training professionals, quality analysts, all holding university degree qualifications and years of work experience in various sectors.  


Giving Back To Society

This is our way of giving back to society and to promote our faith and ethos so that we can inspire the new young generation to achieve and become successful in this life, become positive role models and ambassadors of Islam as well as preparing for the life hereafter.


Qualified & Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are fully qualified and experienced in teaching the Arabic language with the correct rules of Tajweed (pronunciation).   We carefully select our members of staff  and volunteers and are fully committed to promoting the welfare of the young persons who join our Institute. 

All our members of staff must have a satisfactory enhanced disclosure (DBS check), the right to work and stay in the UK.  They also attend our various training programs on Child Protection, Health and Safety at Work, Fire Safety etc.

Our Vision

We wish to ultimately benefit the public and society at large by setting the building blocks in the lives of young Muslims by helping their parents bring them up to be responsible, educated, decent and wise young adults who refrain from public disorder, crime, harmful substances and who strive to do good in the communities in which they reside by promoting charity, cleanliness and a safe and healthy environment. InshaAllah.

We will open our doors to all Muslim families from all walks of life, backgrounds, nationalities and socio economic groups and also to any persons of any faith who wish to learn the Arabic Language and learn more about Islam. 

Trusted By You

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