We are located inside the premises of St Bernards Grammer School, Langley, Slough. This is every Saturday between 9.30am and 2.30pm. Outside of these hours you may contact us via email or phone. Please see our Location / Contact Us page for further details.

At our venue we have ample free parking facilities for your ease and convenience.  Please ensure you park within the allocated parking spaces.  Thank you.

Slough train station is 1.2miles away.  There is a regular bus service to our venue.  Bus no 81. Monday to Saturday.

Classes start at 10am exactly so your child should be at the Institute at 9.50am, allowing him/her enough time to settle into class.  Classes finish at 1pm, however please allow 15minutes for the children to finish praying Zuhar Salah. They will be ready to be collected from their classes at 1.15pm.

Please make a registration appointment with the institute manager via phone or email.  This appointment will take approx 30minutes to answer all your queries, assess you child and register them onto the correct grade.  Please see the admissions section of this website for further informtion.

Please call the institute manager on the contact telephone number or email given on this website.  After a general chat over the telephone a formal interview will be arranged for you.  This is dependent on whether there is a current vacancy available.

You may register your child at any point during the school year.  This is dependent on if there are spaces available in the class your child needs to be enrolled in.  You maybe placed on a waiting list.

Application forms and other important information is given out at the registrations appointment in person.  Please contact the institute to arrange an appointment.

There is no upfront cost.  You will be required to pay for the textbooks and workbooks for your child for the whole year.  Payments for books takes place on a yearly basis at the start of the new school year.  Charges are minimal, affordable and offer great value for money.

Fee’s is calculated on a weekly basis and is payable on the first Saturday of every month.

We register boys from the age of 4 to the age of 10years (exceptional circumstances of boys above the age of 10 will be considered at registration.  Girls are registered from the age of 4 to teenage years.

Your child will learn Primarily Arabic with Tajweed and also Islamic Studies.  There are many other areas of learning encompassed in these two subjects.  Please see our syllabus and student handbook for more details.

Please inform the admin team at the institute straightaway as we may be holding it in our lost property box.  Handouts will be replaced free of cost.  Any workbooks, textbooks and homework diaries will need to be paid for.

You will receive report cards at the end of every term informing you of your child’s general progress in class and we will discuss any areas of concern.

We do our utmost to ensure your child is safe at all times in our care.  All our staff have satisfactory DBS check’s, they also have training on Safeguarding Children, Health and Safety and Fire Safety at work.

During the course of the year, the class teacher will continuously assess your child’s Arabic and Tajweed aptitude.  Any areas of concern will be highlighted to yourself and the institute manager and appropriate action will be taken to improve the level of your child.  On an annual basis your child will take an examination paper and this is be shown to you as well as passing your child onto the next grade at the institute.

We do not promote or divide ourselves into any one particular school of thought.  We follow only the Quran and the Sunnah. 

We have tried our best to ensure that enough holiday is given without disrupting your child’s progress at our institute.  We have found a lot of parents go away for holidays abroad during the longer school holidays hence why we have given one week off for winter, one week for spring and five weeks off in the summer holidays.  Please see our calendar for the exact dates in the ‘Parent Zone’ section of this website.  Should Eid ever fall on a Saturday then we will be closed.  We are however open during the month of Ramadhan.

Yes, fees are still payable even when your child is absent.  Homework will be emailed to the parents to be completed for the following week.

Please contact the Institute Manager in person on Saturday or call / email us in regards to your complaint.  We will do our utmost to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible as per our complaints policy.  Full details of the policy can be obtained at any time.

Please call / email the institute or speak to the institute manager if you would like to make a donation towards school resourcing.  You may wish to do a bank transfer, pay in cash or by cheque.  Thank you.