Teachers & Students Work


7years old Samand of Grade 3b went home and narrated the whole story beautifully to his parents without any input from his parents.

Masha'Allah all the teachers at the institute are very impressed by Samand's narration and also of his Tawoodh & Tasmiya. Subhan'Allah.Not surprisingly his parents are very happy and impressed by his efforts and he will awarded star of the week this Saturday when he returns to school by his teachers.


***below is a video clip of some of this story narration by him. Masha'Allah! ***


Alhamdulilah, this Saturday Al Iman teaching staff attended a training & sharing best practice session after school. The training was delivered by a member of our team.  It was awesome to learn about the latest techniques in behaviour management as advised by experts in the field. Sharing best practices for classroom management amongst each other was wonderful and a great refresher for us all. Insha'Allah we aim to always strive and improve our services &  keep up to date with modern teaching techniques! 
May Allah subhanah wa ta'ala grant us all success. AMEEN YA RABUL ALAMEEN.




 A quick glimpse of some of the white boards from just a few classes at the institute from the past two weeks.  Hard work and passion for teaching our wonderful deen is shining through!Masha'Allah.?