Syllabus and program of study


The teaching year runs from September to July, similar to the school year at your child's mainstream school. 

Please download your very own copy of the Term Dates and Holidays Calendar from the 'Term dates & Holidays' section of the website. 

There are THREE TERMS during the course of the year.

  • TERM 1 - September to December - 16 weeks
  • TERM 2 - January to April - 11 weeks
  • TERM 3 - May to July - 16 weeks


Your child will get the following holidays during the year:

  • Winter Holiday - two week
  • Spring Holiday - two week
  • Summer Holiday - five weeks

Eid Holiday - should Eid ever fall on a Saturday then the Institute will be closed with a holiday and homework will be emailed to parents.

There are two main subjects we teach: Arabic with Tajweed and Islamic Studies.  All areas of study fall into these two main subjects.


  • Arabic with Tajweed Rules

  • Learn to Write Arabic

  • Arabic Language

  • Hifz of Surah's

  • Quran Recitation


  • Islamic Fiqh (Worship)

  • Islamic Aqeedah (Faith)

  • Islamic Ahklaq (Manners)

  • Islamic History (Seerah)

  • The Quran and Sunnah

  • Nasheed Recitation 


Why we should learn to read the Quran with Tajweed:

Tajweed Linguistically means to master something and when referring to reading the Quran it means to master the articulation of the letters and reaching the utmost level in pronouncing it well.

This can only be done by pronouncing each letter from its correct articulation point giving the letters their rights in inherent characteristics and dues in conditional characteristics. We also need to make short in timing that which should be short and lengthen that which needs to be lengthened.

This can be reached only by studying the rules and by exercising the mouth, tongue, jaw and much practice of reading. It is also necessary to read and study under someone who has mastered tajweed, so that you can hear it correctly and be corrected. 

May Allah swt help us all to give His Book its right when we recite it and make reciting it more beloved to our tongues than anything else.  Ameen.


- for children to buy snacks at break time.
- for parents to buy essential and mandatory text and work books required for study.
- for parents to buy supplementary uniform items, for example prayer caps, hijabs, school bags and stationary.

@ AL IMAN INSTITUTE our grade 1a & 1b students (aged 4years to 6years) learn through play & story telling for part of their Arabic & Islamic studies lessons. 

We have available Arabic puzzles,  games and a sand box to draw the alphabet with tiny fingers! 
The children have been throughly enjoying this part of their lessons!

Masha'Allah!  May Allah swt keep the nour & love of our beautiful deen forever in the hearts of our new generation.  Ameen.